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Thank you for finding out more about our future!

To our amazing clients:

It has been our pleasure to work with you and your four-legged friends for the past eleven years.  You have made our time in Barrhead so much fun and so rewarding.  Our goal is for Tangled Tails Pet Spa to be a part of the community for many more years to come!

For that to happen, some price adjustments are necessary.  We have resisted increasing our pricing during the past few years due to the economic unrest many of our clients have experienced. However, with expenses continuing to rise, service prices need to be addressed.

To keep our current excellent standard of care, we will be restructuring our business in such a way that we can best benefit our customers, their pets, and remain in business going forward. We need your support through this transition; it’s not easy for us to ask for help but our goal is to do the minimal price increase necessary to flourish.

There will be changes to our scheduling system to streamline booking to ensure each pet receives the time, care and attention they require.  Clients who schedule a regular monthly appointment will receive loyalty discounted pricing as a thank you for their commitment to their pet’s well being.

During their monthly visits, your pet will be more relaxed and they will always look and smell their best!  This grooming frequency is especially beneficial for anxious pets and our beautiful seniors.  More frequent visits also enable us to catch potential medical concerns before they become a huge problem so they can be addressed by your veterinarian.  As a bonus, you will need to brush less in between appointments.  This is a win-win and we are excited to see everyone move to a maintenance schedule of four weeks or less.

These monthly appointments will fill most of our busy schedule (there are only 100 spots!), so this choice will not only be the best value but will guarantee your appointments for the year.  We will still offer, as our schedule allows, less frequent regulars and new clients but these appointments will be charged at a higher rate and annual scheduling will be unavailable.  

We regret that we finally have no choice but to do a rate increase, but we are very excited to offer this new structure and hope it will help us to make the necessary adjustments to allow us to remain in business, continuing to offer the high standard of quality and care you have become to associate with Tangled Tails Pet Spa.  

Pricing details will be texted to each client.   After that, let us know if you’d like to take advantage of the monthly loyalty pricing and annual scheduling or if you’d prefer to stay on your current schedule.

Please contact us by text at 780-284-2739 prior to December 15th with your preferred grooming frequency so we can begin booking your monthly appointments! 

Text us at 780-284-2739!

Thank you for your continuing support and here’s to another eleven years!  

KC and her boxer Porsche

Porsche, my bestest dog, and me!

Did you know that in addition to being a pet groomer for many years, I have also been showing and raising boxers for over 25 years?  I don’t show much anymore (at all!) because life is busy but I have always been committed to the health and well being of the pets in my care!

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