Our Pricing

Is based on the time, care and attention each pet needs.

The down low on the deep clean!

Regular maintenance grooming & nail care is imperative for optimum health & proper hygiene which directly affects your pet’s quality of life. Our monthly loyalty discount pricing options make it easy to keep your pets looking & feeling their furry best year-round.

Select our monthly maintenance schedule and enjoy up to a 25% savings on your groom as well the convenience of annual booking!  Always have an appointment when your pet needs one!

Dog Grooming Services

Multiple options for the pampered pooch! 

Whether your pup requires a full trim and style, a bath and tidy, or a full de-shedding treatment to save your vacuum from certain death, we can help!

All pricing is based on the time, care, and attention each pet requires.  We take into account the dog’s behavior, physical condition, coat type/health, and the time since their last groom.

We have provided a range of pricing for your convenience.

Dog Services Pricing

Smooth Coat Deshedding – $35 – $110

Rough Coat Deshedding – $55 – $120

Bath & Tidy – $50 – $120

Full Trim & Style – $75 – $150

Cat Grooming Services

Cuddly kitten or roaring lion?

While not commonly known, to maintain optimum skin and coat health, cats require grooming as frequently as their canine friends do!

Cats have unique hair-related issues that only regular grooming can help owners manage effectively.

Hairballs, matting, overheating, and extreme shedding are all problems that can be helped by a maintenance schedule.

Cat Services Pricing

Short haired Deshedding – $75 – $150

Long Haired Deshedding – $80 – $175

Lion Cut Style – $100 – $200

Comb Cut Style – $125 – $225

Nail Trim Services

No clicking for you!

Nail trims are a vital part of a dog’s physical health and should be done at least once per month.  In reality, more often is better unless your pet is wearing off those nails by jogging with you daily.

Nail Trim Pricing
Dog Nail Trim $20
Dog Nail Trim (with grinding) $25
Cat Nail Trim $20

Monthly Loyalty Discount – $5 off


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Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your cat or dog.  Maintaining a regular grooming schedule for your pet is the easiest way to keep them happy and healthy!