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Animals have been an integral part of my life for over 45 years…

One of my earliest memories is playing with tiny kittens on my grandfather’s chicken farm in Ontario.  After moving to Alberta when I was a child, my life revolved around animals – dogs, cats, horses and my first Shetland pony the first summer after we arrived.

I have shown and bred boxers for over 25 years, focusing on health, temperament, and correct structure.  I have fulfilled many families’ desire for a healthy, well-bred pet and continue to enjoy my boxers, although I’m no longer actively breeding them.

My grooming career started with showing dogs and I turned to grooming professionally in 2010.  I trained with a number of exceptional groomers here in the Edmonton area before being certified by the local grooming college.

In addition to being a dog groomer, I am one of only a few Certified Feline Master Groomers in Alberta qualified through the National Cat Groomers Institute.

I pride myself on being an advocate for the pets that I work with.  Their health, comfort and mental health will always come first for me, over esthetics.  I consider myself part of your pet’s health care team and I want to help you keep your pet as healthy as possible!

I work diligently to establish trust with your pet so that their time at Tangled Tails Pet Spa is as stress free as possible.  The grooming process is never going to be as relaxing as napping on the couch, but I do my best to ensure the best experience possible for everyone!

KC and her boxer Porsche

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